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I can't believe it has been 15 years. I certainly remember receiving my acceptance letter to Brewtech, and then remember finding out the campus was not ready. So we began class at Vaughn Forrest. I remember moving into the new building we called Brewtech. I remember the office chairs, concrete floors, metal walls, and glass windows throughout. I remember the expansion and the student parking lot being completed. I remember the lunchroom not being complete, and I remember seeing the reports of the terrorist attacks on September 11th and spending the entire day in shock and disbelief. I remember graduation rehearsal at 11am on the day we graduated and returning that night to walk across the stage. Each of us have since experienced life and have a story. I can say I was changed by my days at Brewtech and certainly excited to hear from everyone about their Journey since our days at Brewtech! 

Brian Stokes
Can't wait to see all my Brew Tech kids!

     I am excited to see everyone at the reunion! Thank you for inviting and including me! I keep the class picture of y'all in caps and gowns in my desk at school. My Brew Tech students were and are the best kids I ever taught in all my years in the classroom. I look forward to spending time with you once again.


Tina Fondren
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